Curriculum Opportunities

We pride ourselves on a wide range of curriculum opportunities for our students

It’s not the curriculum that we offer that sets us apart, it’s the manner in which it’s delivered

Any school can teach a curriculum. Amazing schools like ours is full of teachers actively and passionately exploring the possibilities of making their teaching practice more innovative, engaging and fun at every turn. This is the single ingredient that drives the most growth in our students.

The success we attain is not only evidenced by the assessment data – but it’s seen through the smiles and joy we see on our student’s faces as a concept is grasped. This is the indefinable element that drives us as teachers to produce and grow our own teaching skills year in, year out.

Student Wellbeing

Everything we do at St Joseph’s is based on the wellbeing of all. Student wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do but the parents and staff are critical in the development of happy, healthy, well adjusted children.


At St. Joseph’s we believe the ability to read, view, speak, listen and write effectively are essential in developing independent lifelong learners.


Mathematics provides students with access to important mathematical ideas, knowledge and skills that they will draw on in their personal and work lives. The curriculum also provides students, as life-long learners, with the basis on which further study and research in mathematics and applications in many other fields are built.


St Joseph’s is a Catholic community which is distinguished by “the value it holds for the dignity of the human person, a preferred culture of community and its commitment to social justice and service of the common good”.

Physical Education

The Health & Physical Education program promotes lifelong participation in physical activity through the development of attitudes, skills and movement competence.

Visual Arts

At St Joseph’s Learning in Visual Arts involves students making and responding to artworks, drawing on the world as a source of ideas.

Performing Arts

At St. Joseph’s School the Arts curriculum seeks to provide students with experiences to stimulate their creativity, imagination and linguistic skills.


STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.


Languages other than English contribute materially to the universal purposes of schooling and to the development of skills in thinking and reflection. At St Joseph’s the children from Years Prep-6 learn Italian.

Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies provides the hardware and software that enables data to be digitally processed, stored and communicated.

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