How We Teach & Support

It's the little things we do to support an individualised learning program that get us the big results

How we teach and support

Our entire teaching staff is dedicated to the detail and we want to ensure every child achieves to their own potential. 

This means ensuring we have a robust system of teaching and support that not only caters to the average (or middle student) – but also the advanced student or the student that needs some extra support. 

For learning to take place we need to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and confident within themselves – and so a huge emphasis is placed on a strong wellbeing and support program that achieves just that!

Goal Setting & Feedback

At St Joseph’s we believe in each child seeing themselves as their own teachers. We encourage children to own their learning and take responsibility for their growth. Children set goals for their learning with the support of their teacher in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy as well as personal goals. Analysis of data and feedback from teachers and peers helps set current and future goals. This approach helps develop our learning culture at St Joseph’s.

Differentiated Learning

At St Joseph’s differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Teachers differentiate content, process, products, and the learning environment. The use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping makes this a successful approach for instruction for all. Teachers at St Joseph’s provide for the various abilities in their planning and cater for further learning needs in their class. We believe that all children have the ability to learn and grow into the best person they can be.

Resilient Kids

We pride ourselves at St Joseph’s on developing resilient children who are able to manage their emotions through the practice of mindfulness and use of the Zones of Regulation. Each day also starts calmly with the practice of Christian meditation across the school. A growth mindset where having a go and making mistakes is seen as a learning opportunity that is valued at our school. 

These are life skills that will support all children throughout their life.

Kinder to Prep Transition

St. Joseph’s Primary School believes that students should move through any stage of schooling with confidence and accurate knowledge of the expectations. This can be achieved by making the transition into a new level of learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.
Structures and Frameworks used from Prep to 6 help make transition from level to level smooth. The consistent use of WALTS (Learning Intentions) and Success Criteria create familiar learning environments as well as the language of growth mindsets and use of Zones of Regulation help complete the transition.
The support of parents is vital in giving their children a realistic and positive attitude towards this learning journey.

Moving Schools

Moving schools can be a challenging time for families and children. Here at St Joseph’s we aim to make school a happy environment where children feel comfortable to learn. Adjusting to a new environment with new people and different structures requires students to be supported by all (staff, and students). New students are buddied up with other children to help them assimilate into our school showing them round, inviting them into games and introducing them to other students and teachers.
If you are considering moving to St Joseph’s ring up and book a tour and come along and ask all your questions of our year 6 tour guides and then have a chat to the principal.

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